Nicole du Toit Sex Educator & Coach
Expert in Sexuality Education

Nicole du Toit

I am a sex coach / educator / counsellor based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

My journey to working in the world of sexual wellness began while in Christian ministry and working with a number of women and couples who struggled to reconcile their sexual nature with their concepts of purity and ideas of what “normal” is. I expanded my learning and skillset with various certifications recognised by AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists) and registration with the WASC (World Association of Sex Coaches) and SASHA )South African Sexual Health Association).

I now combine my backgrounds in sexual wellness, counselling, online education, theology, and more to inform a unique approach to creating safe spaces for the purpose of holistically approaching sexuality and sexual health with grace and understanding.

I remain in constant pursuit of the many facets of the Divine. This forms the foundation of much of my work. 


I strive to exemplify three fundamental pillars of healing and education – radical truth telling, passionate hope, and unrelenting love – as I help clients find pleasure and fulfilment in their sexual expression. It is only by knowing the truth of who we are sexually that we are able to find fullness in our sexual expression and pleasure.

One of my great passions is helping women thrive in their sexual power and pleasure, and helping couples have truly dynamic sex lives– through education and by doing inner work, first.

I have been sought after for radio interviews and to conduct workshops, including hosting workshops and discussions on pleasure at the South African SEXPO 2020.

I am always looking to expand my skill set and knowledge, and look forward to what will come next.

Painful Sex

Sex should never be a painful experience, but many women and men are taught that pain in sex is normal. Just because something is common, does not mean it is right.
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Erectile Issues

Erectile issues can be difficult to talk about, but they are very common and affect all men at some stage in their life. Let's find a way forward.
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Low Libido

With the stresses of modern life, it is no wonder that partners and individuals come to me for help with their libido. Let's work on these concerns together.
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Sex Education

Through workshops and online education I help families, communities and individuals find out more about their own bodies, healthy sexual function, and sexual behaviour.
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Sexual Shame

Growing up with various cultural and religious expectations and messages, many of us battle with our sexuality and sexual identifies. Let's talk to find your true sexual joy
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Universities & Courses

Professional Education

  • B.Com – Rhodes University (South Africa)
  • B.PracMin – Fuller Theological Seminary (USA)
  • International Sex Therapy – The Buehler Institute (USA)
  • Sex Coaching – Sex Coach U. (USA)
  • Critical Thinking in Global Challenges  (UK)
  • Relationship Workshop Facilitator – Transformation Academy (USA)

For more course, education, and qualification details please see my LinkedIn profile.

*Please note that South Africa doesn’t not offer sexology qualifications, so be on the lookout for anyone who claims to have received a “sexologist” qualification from a South African University.

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