Painful Sex Part 4 | Dyspareunia

Dyspareunia  (dis-puh-ROO-nee-uh), is the term for painful sex that is characterised by recurring pain in the genital area, or within the pelvis, during sexual intercourse. The pain can be sharp or intense. It can occur before, during, or after sexual intercourse. Dyspareunia can be experienced by both men and women, though it is more common […]

Sex & Emotions | What you should know

Sex & Emotions | What you should to know

Sex can be the ultimate expression of love and intimacy. A profound spiritual experience. An emotional roller coaster. A tension reliever. About procreation. Simply a way to have fun. It can be all of these things and more. Sex means different things to different people. And whatever it means to one person isn’t necessarily constant, […]

HIV | Mixed-Status Couples

For a long time sexual relationships between people with different HIV statuses from each other were considered off-limits. Thankfully, we now have resources available to mixed-status couples to reduce the risk of HIV transmission. Like everything else with sexual relationships, preventing HIV transmission is a team effort. It’s important for both partners in mixed-status couples […]

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)

Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) are infections that spread through sexual contact (unprotected vaginal, oral, anal sex). This includes skin-to-skin contact. Depending on the specific STI, infections may also be transmitted through sharing needles and breastfeeding. The only guaranteed method to prevent STI’s is to abstain from all sexual contact. However, when engaging in sexual activity, […]

Sexual Shame

Sexual Shame Article Image

For many people, even the mention of the word “sex” can trigger embarrassment or shame. Perhaps even anger. Helping individuals and couples overcome issues related to sexual shame is a passion of mine. Sex and sexuality are God-given gifts is to be embraced. Unfortunately for many, their backgrounds and upbringings result in a skewed perception […]

Is it normal to lose the desire for sex?

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Let me start by saying that yes, it is 100% normal for someone to lose the desire to engage in sex. The reasons people lose interest can be very simple, to incredibly complex and can include things like: Stress from daily life or specific events (*cough *cough Global Pandemic) Misinformation or lack of adequate education […]