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Sexy Time In Lockdown | Outdoors : Where is your favourite spot?

There is something primal about sex outdoors. Being naked outdoors connects us with each other and with nature in a way that is profound, and for many, a spiritual experience. It can be an expression of absolute freedom.

Lockdown can be a wonderful time to take advantage of the opportunity for outdoor sex.

Disclaimer: *I am not advocating breaking of any laws

For those with gardens why not take advantage of the fact that you are working from home and have a bit of daytime outdoor sex. Just try to be sure that neighbours aren’t watching since they are probably working from home too!

If you have spaces available to you for outdoor sex, you will also find that there may be fewer people there than usual as we practice social distancing practices – so go ahead and take advantage.

Outdoor sex may be a bit intimidating or risky for some. In that case, there is no reason you can’t enjoy feeling sexual outdoors, or having sex with almost being outdoors. What do I mean?

Outdoor showers are a popular choice for that feeling of being free and empowered in nature without the risk of breaking laws or being seen by the neighbours. Consider rigging a temporary (or building a permanent) outdoor shower to have the open skies above you as you feel the water wash over your naked self.

You can also have sex in your bed – with doors and windows to the outdoors open. This gives the safety and comfort of home, with the feeling of being open and exposed to the air and nature. A particularly good way to accomplish this is by supporting your local tourism industry and visiting a rustic cabin or hideaway. These often have bedroom doors that open to nature with phenomenal views and provide seclusion and privacy. Why not have sex with a view of the stars?

Just because we are in lockdown, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the magic of being naked with each other in nature. What will you be doing this weekend?

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