Sex In Lockdown | Roleplaying

Maybe it’s time to try on your alter ego

Some people find the idea of roleplaying intimidating. And it can be if the only exposure you have had to it leaves you thinking that it means your partner essentially wants to be having sex with someone other than you. But this isn’t the case at all.

Yes, roleplaying can involve you dressing up as a character that your significant other has fantasised about. In those moments your partner isn’t necessarily imagining that you are someone else, but rather that you embody that character. It’s not A nurse or fireman that they are thinking of. its YOU AS a nurse of fireman. It’s still you – just with another job 😀

Another way roleplaying can take place is one that can be incredibly empowering. It is roleplaying for yourself. What would it feel like to have sex with the confidence of a lingerie model? Why not play pretend? Be that model in bed – not for your partner (though they are welcome to play too, maybe you need a photographer to tell you what an amazing shot they have of you). Embrace your inner model and have sex the way you imagine they would.

If you can imagine it – it is in you somewhere, so let it loose (with consent of course).

Who do you think has a great sex life? How do you think they have sex? Are they submissive? Dominant? How confident are they? What do they wear to get in the mood? What do they say? How do they smell? Now that you have a good idea in your mind – go ahead and play make believe!

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