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Sexy Time In Lockdown | Sexting : As we start to look toward Spring and warmer weather here in the Southern Hemisphere, let’s look at some ways to heat things up in the bedroom too.
With lockdown affecting many of us in a number of ways, one of them can be starting to get in a rut with our sex lives. Working from home and adjusting to home now becoming associated with work. Seeing your partner all day so you don’t seem to speak as much. Seemingly having so much time on your hands while at the same time having no time to do anything you want to. Sound familiar?
A surefire way to start warming up that bedroom heat is to engage in a bit of sexting. Even when you are seeing each other all day, a little textual flirtation here and there can add some much needed anticipation and excitement to our sex lives.
We will often feel more comfortable saying things via text that we would otherwise not say out loud. And I am yet to meet a husband who wouldn’t enjoy the view his wife has down her shirt – take that picture! Men, paint a VIVID picture for your partner of exactly what you are going to do later that day.
For those in long distance relationships, sexting can be a very effective way of building intimacy with each other, and letting the other person know that you are thinking of them, and WANT them. It is comforting to know that your partner wants you

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