Sex In Lockdown | The Office Fantasy

How many times have you fantasised about getting it on in your office?

Since you’re probably working from home, this is the perfect time for a little spontaneous office play time. Pop around to your partner’s desk for a quick “coffee” and enjoy! Make it worth your while. Dress to impress – half the fun of work place fantasies is that we are distracting our partner from their work, and that often involves them being dressed in very responsible clothing.

The convenience of working from home provides opportunity. You do still need to put in the work to make the fantasy come to life by being in “work mode” not “absent mindedly typing on my keyboard while wearing PJ’s mode”

If you are one of those folk who are allowed to work from your office space, with social distancing in place, and fewer staff on premises, now is a great time to find a secluded spot for a private catch up with your partner who lovingly brought you your “lunch”. Just remember to lock doors, and make sure there are no cameras! The idea is to have fun, not get fired.

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