Sex In Lockdown | Unleash Your Inner Animal

What is your inner animal?

Following on from the roleplaying post, sometimes its good to dig deep and discover your inner animal. When is the last time you were completely yourself – fully expressing every aspect of who you are in bed? Maybe this is the time to try.

If that sounds a little woo woo, or even intimidating you can go for a more practical measure. Try out an animal inspired mask. If you want an actual animal mask go for it, but most of the time a little inspiration works wonders. A mask with a few peacock feathers for example can bring out some unexpected confidence and pride in our bodies.

Maybe embrace your inner panther / tiger / big cat and move your body a bit differently. All of these things allow us to engage with a primal part of ourselves. One that doesn’t over think actions, but just enjoys the experience.

Animals make no apologies for who/ what they are, how they act, asking for what they want. They simply are. And they live in the moment without fixating on planning the future or dwelling on the past. A pet is not ashamed to enjoy belly rubs, and ask for extra treats (especially mine). So take a leaf from the animal book and enjoy life, and sex, without shame.

It can take some practice to stay in that space when it comes to sexy time, but it can add a really powerful dynamic to your sex life. Go ahead – unleash your roar

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